The White Glove Approach

We’re a Customer Support Company that just Happens to do Payroll.

Empowering our Customers

At Skulocitypay, we invest ourselves into our customers’ performance and success. This is the attitude that drives every piece of our business. It’s what has fueled our success from a small garage based business 40+ years ago to the largest Independent Payroll Provider in Texas. And the pieces that make up our White Glove Promise constantly change and expand to meet new customer needs.
We are in your corner

Where Technology Meets People

We like to think of our White Glove Promise as being one part innovative technology and one part fantastic people. The chemistry between these two essential pieces is what enables our clients and customers to utilize the power of the latest and greatest Payroll and HR technologies and achieve their own business goals.
Working together

Forward thinking, for you

Today, our White Glove Promise spans our entire customer relationship, starting when you first begin implementation with us. We listen closely to your needs and plans, and the specific kinds of goals you have. Whether it’s 401k, Affordable Care Act Monitoring, Benefits Administration, Time and Labor or you name it, we provide expert advice to provide you and your business with the best combination of HR and Payroll solutions they need to pay, build, manage, and retain your teams.
Just what you need

The White Glove Promise

Since 1974 we’ve been taking into account our customers needs as they explore how outsourcing their Payroll or HR Functions can improve their workflow and business. We also make it a focus to attract the best employees in the industry. Our employees — we call them “Execupeeps” — will get you into the HR or Payroll Services that fit your needs, whether your goal is to build, pay, manage or retain your team.


We’ve been doing this for over 40 years. With a large team of people dedicated to your business, the others simply don’t match up.


Best in class proactive service from doers, who are ready to mobilize for whatever you need. Our White Glove Promise, for your business, at no extra cost.


It’s so easy to Pay, Build, Manage and Retain your team. We’re the only company with a one stop shop, simple, easy to use solution for your business, no matter the size.


We’re a customers first company, dedicated to making sure you have the right solution that fits your business, so you can get back to running your business.

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