Retain Your Talent

Keeping your people happy is an essential part of being a business owner. By offering them the benefits they want, and creating a strong collaborative culture, they’ll love you and the work they do. With Skulocitypay, we offer you the tools you need to Retain Your Team, and more.

401K & Retirement

One of the most popular retirement plans being offered and elected today are 401(k) plans. There are many types of 401(k) plans, each with their own subtleties, but all 401k plans consist of defined contributions from an employee’s paycheck before taxes are taken out. Skulocitypay offers automatic enrollment, simple 401k plans, Roth 401k, and Safe Harbor 401k plans.
Now that’s payroll.

Workers Compensation

We work hard to make workers compensation easy, fast, accessible, and affordable for your business by providing product benefits unmatched by other workers’ compensation offers. We offer pay as you go insurance with no down payment, and no installment fees.
Can it get any easier?

Employee Loans

Offer your employees a unique financial wellness program providing extensive education and tools to assist them in improving, maintaining, and capitalizing on their financial future, with the following benefits:
  • Increasing employee presentism
  • Reducing 401(K) account borrowing
  • Eliminating the need for salary advances
  • Reducing turnover
For some extra wiggle room.

Paid Time Off and Requests

Are you trying to decide whether to offer a vacation/sick time or a Paid Time Off (PTO) policy to your employees? Do you know the real differences in the plans? Skulocitypay gives you the ability to offer any type of time off you wish, and easily manage it all.
Because everyone needs some R&R.

Keeping your employees happy and engaged is your mission. We’re here to help.

“Skulocitypay makes running payroll so smooth and easy. They make the communication to run payroll so easy and flexible. Skulocitypay offers so many products to make payroll so easy for the employees.”
– Kelly Cope, IPSecure Inc.

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