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The success of your business is first and foremost on our minds. A significant portion of our job is to LISTEN and understand your needs and requirements. We have the intellectual capital, product and service knowledge and corporate commitment to support all your employer and employee administrative needs.
Commitment to Customer Service
Our customer base is absolutely our most strategic and valued asset. Our company is built on the philosophy of providing dedicated, professional and consistent service in the pursuit of customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. We strive to prove our commitment each and every day through our actions of providing accurate, quick and thorough responses to customer’s requests in an individualized and friendly manner.

advantages to outsource your company’s payroll processing to us. Here are a few: Low-cost Alternative – make your business more cost-effective by streamlining and managing your employer and employee administrative requirements including payroll, benefits and tax compliance processing. Our fee structure is one of the lowest in the industry. By leveraging Internet technologies, we have been able to CUT a significant portion of the costs associated with payroll processing and other HR services. The savings are being passed along to all clients.

NO Loss of Control: our cloud payroll software platform allows you to access to view and modify employee information and enter data for processing payroll from any Internet browser. We handle all tax compliance matters, including collecting and remitting Federal, State and Local taxes and filing all required tax returns. Now you can outsource the hassles of payroll yet still maintain control of your payroll data 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

Payroll Co provides online payroll, outsourced payroll processing, tax processing services, administrative services, HR and other payroll related services to small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) nationwide. We have a wide variety of businesses who use our payroll expertise and cloud based payroll software platform to pay their employees and meet tax compliance needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your payroll and related HR, time & attendance, retirement plan or worker’s comp needs.


Q: Do I automatically get Tax Filing Services with my payroll? A: Yes. No-Touch Tax Filing is included with basic payroll processing services. Q: Do I pay extra so my employees can get their paystubs online? A: Employee Self Service is a free part of our service. It’s a real help to any employee. Q: Do you offer General Ledger (G/L) export? A: Yes. We offer standard QuickBooks export and support other formats as well via CSV & Excel. Q: Do you offer online PDF reports? A: Yes. We offer a standard report package available in PDF. We also offer ad hoc reports that can be saved or exported in Excel. Q: Will you produce W-2’s for my firm even if we have not used your service for the entire year? A: Yes.
Q: When do payroll direct deposit funds come out of my firm’s bank account? A: Payroll funds come out of your firm’s bank account 2 days prior to check date and go directly into each employee’s personal account(s) on payday. Q: What is the cutoff time for my firm to submit our time/ pay data? A: Whether you will be printing your checks remotely, using direct deposit or receiving paper checks, pay data needs to be submitted by 3:00 pm 3 business days prior to pay date. For example: for a Friday payday, the pay data is due on Tuesday by 3:00pm. Q: Do you offer time clocks or Time & Attendance? A: We support time clock data imports in various formats. If you already have a time clock system, we can support your existing system through our API with your provider. If you are looking for a solution, we have information we can send you to decide which is best for you.
Q: Do you support 401(k) and medical deductions for my employees? A: Absolutely, we can support any of your benefit deductions and help you create payments for your various benefit providers. Q: One of my employees has a child support garnishment; can you help me with that? A: Absolutely, we can support any garnishment deductions and create payments for the appropriate agencies or entity. Q: Do you offer pay as you go workers’ compensation? A: Our payroll system can calculate the pay as you go premiums or create file exports for your provider. If you are looking for a Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation solution, we can connect you with options for a plan with leading national providers.
Q: How do you price your services? A: We price our services monthly based on the number of employees you have and the number of pay items (pay checks and direct deposits) you have. Q: Can I provide more than one bank account; for example, if I want to have fees taken from one account and taxes taken from another? A: Yes. You can have separate accounts for taxes, fees & payroll. Q: I need two signatures printed on my paper checks. What will I be billed? A: You will be billed your monthly base charge plus delivery for the Signed, Sealed & Delivered check option. Nothing additional will be charged.