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With skulocitypay, paying your team has never been easier. All online, easy to use, and we take care of the hard stuff.


From Applicant Tracking to WOTC and Background Checks, skulocitypay has everything you need to grow your team.


Managing your team has never been easier. Performance reviews, manage different types of time off and learn in our HR library.


Easily offer the benefits your team wants. Administer 401k plans, workers compensation plans, and much more.

All packaged with our white glove promise

Skulocitypay is the only company that delivers the world’s best service & experience across all functions of Human Resources and Payroll with a White Glove Promise.

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We’ve been doing Payroll and Human resources for over 40 years. With a large team of people dedicated to your business, the others simply don’t compare to our expertise and dedication.


If you’re looking for a best in class proactive service from doers, who are ready to mobilize for whatever you need, Skulocitypay is your provider. We offer our White Glove Promise, for your business, at no extra cost.


It’s so easy to Pay, Build, Manage and Retain your team. We’re the only company with a one stop shop, simple, easy to use solution for your business, no matter the size.


We’re a customer’s first company, dedicated to making sure you have the right solution for your business, so you can get back to running your business. Finally, Payroll that gets out of the way.

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With Skulocitypay, you and your business are in good hands. Our service, expertise, and options are unmatched.
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